Meet Josh

Young Josh's journey has been anything but easy.

Before his birth, his mom learned that Josh had hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) - a complex and rare heart defect. The left side of the heart is critically underdeveloped. For HLHS patients, heart surgery is a must. Josh had his first surgery at 3-days old, followed by another at 8-months and a third at age 3.

After living with half a heart for almost six years, Josh underwent a heart transplant. In spite of some complications, his recovery has been a success.

His mom told us "It's worth going through everything. To see him smiling is incomparable, to hear him say Mommy I love you, fills my whole being."

[Photo of patient and family]

“Our experience with Yellow Door was amazing – the stay and the place was so cozy, quiet, and the people were very supportive. Our days were incredible, full of adventures. To be able to enjoy everything after having gone through so much after four long months in the hospital was a blessing. Thank you very much Yellow Door.”

Joshua’s mom Paulina
[Updated photo of Josh]

Update on Josh

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